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Self- Insurance – Renewal of Licence – 30 June 2015

Fleetmaster Services currently hold a self-insurance licence to manage compensation claims and rehabilitation under the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (SRC). Fleetmaster’s licence is regulated by Comcare for Work Health and Safety under the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. The current Licence is due to expire 30th June 2015.

Fleetmaster proposes to apply for an extension of the current self-insurance licence which expires 30th June 2015. This licence extension requires lodgment of a licence extension application and supporting documentation by 16th February 2015.

An important part of the application for extension of the licence is for Fleetmaster to communicate and consult with its workers and stake holders regarding the intention to apply for an extension to the licence period. This will include the opportunity for questions and feedback from workers and the timely response to the questions.

The application for an extension of licence is broadly covered in the following four areas.

  1. Communicate to all parties concerned the intention to apply for an extension of the Licence to self-insure. Provide detail of any impact of the application.
  2. Seek questions and feedback from workers and/or stake holders and answer any questions raised in a timely fashion.
  3. Apply for Licence extension application. Address any concerns during the application process.
  4. Have the licence extension approved.

Learn more – QA-Licence-extension-2015

Download the Self Insurance Feedback Sheet and email to or drop into any depot